Clifford Despenser - Voice and Dialect Coach

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Filming Emperor
2014 Tyrant (TV Series)
2014 Hercules
2013 47 Ronin
2013 Spies of Warsaw (TV Series)

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June-September 2011: The Borgias: Season Two...filming in Budapest

January-April 2011: 47 Ronin...filming In Budapest and at Shepperton Studios

August-October 2010: X Men: First Class...filming at Pinewood Studios

January-April 2010: The Devil's Double...filming in Malta

April-August 2009: Clash of the Titans... filming in London, Wales and Tenerife

March-June 2008: Ninja Assassin... filming in Berlin

September-November 2007: The International.....filming Istanbul, Berlin, Milan, New York.

May-September 2007: Speed Racer...based on the 60s Japanese animation - filming in Berlin.

Feb-May 2007: The Dark is Rising...based on the book by Susan Cooper - filming in Romania.

Jan-Feb 2007: Arn - A Knight Templar...Back in Morocco for the first time since The Four Feathers in 2000. This is an adaptation of the Swedish trilogy by Jan Guillou.


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Clifford Despenser - Voice and Dialect Coach


April-May 2012: Spies of Warsaw, director: Coky Giedroyc, filming Poland.

June-December 2011: The Borgias II, directors: Neil Jordan, Jon Amiel, John Maybury, Kari Skogland and David Leland. Filming Budapest.

February-July 2011: 47 Ronin, director Carl Rinsch
Filming Budapest and London

August-October 2010: X Men: First Class, director Matthew Vaughn, filming in London

July 2010: Girl on a Bicycle, director Jeremy Leven, filming in Paris and Munich

January-April 2010: The Devil's Double, director Lee Tamahori, filming in Malta.
April-September 2009: Clash of the Titans, director Louis Leterrier.
March-June 2008: Ninja Assassin, director James McTeigue, filming in Berlin. 
September - November 2007: The International, director Tom Tykwer, beginning Istanbul then on to Berlin.
May-September 2007: Berlin is home now for the next three months. Speed Racer begins principal photography June 4th. Directors/Writers/Producers: Andy and Larry Wachovski with an international cast.
February-May 2007: Quick turnaround from Morocco to Romania to start work on The Dark is Rising, an adaptation of Susan Cooper's novel, directed by David L. Cunningham. Filming in Bucharest and Transylvania.
January-February 2007: Am back in Morocco for five weeks coaching actors from Sweden, Germany, India and Morocco in Arn - A Knight Templar, directed by Peter Flinth.
September 2005-February 2006: Hannibal Rising...After a very busy year working on many different projects, I am now engaged full-time till early 2006 and am looking forward to returning to Prague next month for the duration of principal photography. This month I shall be rehearsing with lead actors in Paris, London and Miami. Any friends passing through, get in touch!
 Nairobi: Clifford Despenser on the set of The Constant
 Gardener with the director Fernando Meirelles