Voice, Language and Dialect Coaching

Clifford De Spenser is a specialist in language and literature, voice and speech production, phonetics, dramatic structure and social and historical detail and can provide professional input at every stage of film production.

Clifford De Spenser Voice and Dialect Coach

Beginning with Peter Brook’s theatrical masterpiece The Mahabharata in 1987, Clifford has worked on and off the sets of major international film, television and theatre productions. He is a specialist in effective spoken communication, comprehensively skilled in voice, language and pronunciation training, with forty years’ experience within educational, professional and business environments.





A Dramaturg is an exponent of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage or screen. Dramaturgy can also be defined as shaping a story into a form that may be acted.

A Dramaturg must also be an expert in historical and cultural context, thus acting as a bridge for information between specialist professionals. This creative expertise and connectivity may be brought into film, television and theatre production.


Clemency provides the following services:

Script Consultancy, Scholarly Research, Creative Collaborations, Casting Proposals, On Set Dialect Coaching, Masterclasses and Workshops and Actor Support.

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