Ashraf Barhoum. Actor-Filmmaker. Galilee, Israel/Palestine

From the first moment I met Clifford De Spenser as the Dialogue Coach on the movie Clash of the Titans in 2009, it was clear to me the importance and benefit of having such a colleague around on set, not only because of his wide knowledge of the English language, literature and tongue treatment guidance – which is very essential and improves the actor’s work – but also because of his natural skills, communication with the team of cast and crew, his dedication to do his work fully and professionally, his patience to listen, and his unique sense of humour.

Hence, it was natural and inevitable for me to develop a friendship with Clifford, as well as to seek always the chances to work together as we did in the TV series Tyrant. Through this work together and our friendship, I started to realise more of his skills and qualities as a dramaturg, who understands very well story telling, structure, scene and character treatment. And so our relationship proceeded with that to a new, higher stage where we started to collaborate more as a creative team; and as I started to develop my own projects for film and theatre, I couldn’t but see Clifford as a most essential colleague, with whom I can reach the desired results.

Last but not least, it is thrilling to see nowadays that Clifford is establishing himself as a producer too, and as a key person who is able to gather together a team of creatives and actors. It is a rare situation in the industry to find such skills in one person!



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