Jerica Oblak, PhD, on behalf of Ursula Parker. Actress-Violinist. New York, USA

With much respect and admiration, I am happy to attest to Clifford De Spenser’s highest level of professionalism, versatility, experience and profound dedication to his work. 

In 2015, he was my daughter Ursula’s Dialect Coach on the set of I’ll Find You, a movie with a highly diverse international cast that required much help to speak with “one voice”. 

His intimate knowledge of various languages, dialects and cultures allowed him to teach British and Polish pronunciation utilising references from the actors’ diverse native backgrounds (ranging from different areas of the United States, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Britain, Germany, etc.). I witnessed hours of his thoughtful, patient and most efficient coaching accompanied by a multitude of pertinent information, teaching aids and carefully prerecorded tapes. 

I observed a highly intelligent and knowledgeable teacher who found creative ways to convey phonetic nuances to young actors with no such prior experiences. It was moving to see how his commitment to the project (throughout the production as well as postproduction) exceeded his contractual responsibilities, as he routinely volunteered his time and effort initiating additional practice and making himself readily available to help.

In addition to being an impressive polyglot with a passion and ear for comparative linguistics and etymology, Clifford is also a movie, literature, history and music connoisseur. He approaches his work with contagious enthusiasm and offers not only instructions but also vivid contextual settings that help actors to interpret and present more compelling and convincing characters. 

He takes full responsibility for his work and uses his multifaceted background to contribute as a language expert, script supervisor and editor, singing coach, casting advisor and producer, not to mention acting mentor, creative problem solver, a wonderful colleague, and a loyal friend. 

Years of contributing to the process of filmmaking, coupled with his engaging personality as well as his many talents and skills, make him an invaluable member of any creative team.



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