Juliane Block. Filmmaker. Hannover, Germany

I first met Clifford in the capacity of Dialogue Coach for my feature 3 Livesand he delivered! 3 Lives is a feature film with a majority of the cast being non-native speakers of English, and so far, the film has been very well-received, especially with English speakers. As Coach, he gave the actors confidence and support.

Since then our collaboration has extended by far! He’s on board now as Associate Producer of almost all my upcoming projects, including Hobbes House and Lyra’s Wish, having tremendous input in the casting process, as well as ensuring that the script is impeccable if it comes to facts and language used, as well as dramaturgical questions. 

I cannot recommend Clifford higher. He’s a joy to work with and has an incredible network to draw from. And besides that, he’s just a very nice human being to be around.


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