Kelly Howard-Garde. Production Manager. London, England

Clifford and I first met as work colleagues on a film in Prague in 1994. I had, by that stage, already been in the film industry myself for over twenty-five years and so my knowledge of film technicians was finely tuned. Clifford immediately struck me as a fun, relaxed but totally professional individual with his own experience of what was required in his role as Dialect Coach. He joined the film after it had started but fitted in straight away from day one.

Since then, we have kept in touch and worked together on many occasions because, whenever the opportunity arose, and based on his own availability, I always put him forward on any film I was working on which needed his particular expertise. Over the years, we have become firm friends.

Clifford is a delight to be with: very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft; and when one is working with him he is deeply committed to what he is doing and the needs of the actors he is looking after.

I am delighted to know that he is now moving into projects, with a more creative range, as an Associate Producer and I wish him every success.



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