Urbano Barberini. Actor-Festival Director. Rome, Italy

I am an Italian actor. I first worked with Clifford on a long TV series (TECX 1989-1990) based in Belgium, and then on a film (Les EpĂ©es de Diamant 1993) in the Czech Republic. Both were made more complicated by having to speak on set and also perform in three different languages – Clifford’s presence as linguist and coach was invaluable.

Clifford’s thoroughness, his culture, his work ethic and his professional expertise are happily tempered by his great sense of humour. He was able to establish a very deep connection with the actors who were given confidence by his sure grasp of his profession in all its aspects. He is a master of his craft, and also a friend.

Working with Clifford is rewarding, interesting and also entertaining!

There was another opportunity to collaborate with Clifford in 2012-2013 on the translation and polishing of an Italian play (Sulle Spine by Daniele Falleri) which I had performed many times, into English. Purely as a friend, but as a potential future project, he dedicated himself to this work wholeheartedly. My career took another path but we continue to meet in Rome, or London or Budapest, wherever our lives take us and it is always a pleasure to reconnect.


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