Wolf-Peter Arand. Screenwriter. Berlin, Germany

I’m a writer and dramaturg from Germany. I write screenplays for independent films, both in English and German. A good script editor helps me as a screenwriter to get the best out of my thoughts and ideas. They help me to forge a script that’s worth its salt. I strongly believe that any screenwriter is only as good as his or her script editor.

In 2017 I was working on an independent feature film called 3 Lives, a psychological thriller with an international cast and crew, shot in English in Germany. Clifford got involved in the project initially in the position of Dialogue Coach. However, he and I did some script editing work on 3 Lives as well, and it became pretty clear straight away, that working with him is a pleasant and prolific experience. 

With English as my second language, I’m aware of the advantages of having someone with great linguistic and editorial skills to look over my script. Consequently, I was delighted when after finishing 3 Lives, Clifford offered to help me as a script editor on future projects as well. 

Thus far we’ve been working on two more of my feature-length screenplays: Lyra’s Wish: Saving Santa, a Christmas adventure movie, to shoot in the UK this year, (2019) and most recently Hobbes House, a zombie horror film, which is now in post-production. On both occasions, Clifford proved himself to be a well-versed, intelligent, precise and knowledgeable ‘partner in crime’ and colleague, who always pushes to get the best out of me as a writer and helps to elevate the overall quality of my scripts.

If someone asks me who they should hire as their script editor, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend Clifford De Spenser. 


    Email: clifford@clemencyfilms.com

    Phone Number: +44 (0) 7884 057998

    Representation: Luc Chaudhary | Director-Agent | International Artists Management

    Email: luc@internationalartistsmanagement.co.uk

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